Hawkins dirty mailer explained

Well folks I brought up a mailer I got from the Hawkins camp on Friday in this post . The Tom graves camp has brought out the evidence that showed mine and other frustrations. The folks over at peachpundit have summed it up marvously. Here is their article:

Graves comes out swinging against Hawkins; shows Hawkins altered court documents as part of campaign attack

May 9, 2010 14:21 pm

by Pete Randall

Just received into the Peach Pundit Operations Center:

Hawkins’ Email Proves He Altered a Document and Failed to Disclose Frivolous Suits Against Graves Were Canceled or Dismissed

“This is just another attack in Lee Hawkins’ political career that proves he will say and do anything to get elected.”

(RANGER, GA) – Unable to stop his campaign from crumbling Lee Hawkins today continued his false, negative personal attacks against conservative Republican Tom Graves.

On Thursday, Hawkins sent a false mailer to voters saying Graves had a “JUDGEMENT” to pay his bills and that he was “currently being sued.”

However, in the email released today by Hawkins it proves he altered court documents in attempt to cause harm to Graves’ campaign for Congress.

Hawkins selected partial copies of the papers to include on the mailers and in one instance he added a “JUDGEMENT” stamp on the court records. But in the documents released by Hawkins today nowhere does it show the “JUDGEMENT” stamp, proving it was added by Hawkins.

Hawkins also removed half of the document in the mailer, thus eliminating the official stamp from Gordon County Magistrate Court stating that the action had been cancelled.

In addition, Hawkins continues his false attack that Graves is currently being sued, but fails to provide the documentation showing the lawsuit had been dismissed nearly two years ago by the plaintiffs.

“In his own email, Lee Hawkins proves his negative mail piece is bogus,” said Tim Baker Graves Campaign Manger. “He added a “JUDGEMENT” stamp that was never on the official document and fails to show that both lawsuits had been cancelled or dismissed. Unable to advance his campaign on the issues, Lee Hawkins continues playing gutter politics by personally attacking Tom. I don’t see how any of these attacks demonstrate to the voters why they should elect Lee Hawkins.”

“This is just another attack in Lee Hawkins’ political career that proves he will say and do anything to get elected,” added Baker. “Desperate candidates do desperate things and Lee Hawkins is a desperate candidate trying to save his political career.”

Baker says North Georgia can take comfort in the fact they should only have another couple days to put up with Hawkins’ deceptions. “With Tom Graves, you get a genuine proven leader who has never met a tax cut he didn’t like, is as solid as a rock on the 2nd Amendment and will fight with ever fiber in his body to limit the role of government in our lives.”

Judge for yourself by reviewing the attachments:

The Truth Still Matters: Side by side comparison of Hawkins’ altered documents and official document from the Gordon County Magistrate Court

· Hawkins’ attack mail piece with “JUDGEMENT” stamp on an altered court document

· Hawkins’ document revealing no “JUDGEMENT” stamp or “CANCELLATION FILED & RECORDED” stamp from the Gordon County Magistrate Court

· Official Gordon County Magistrate Court document showing the action was nullified with a “CANCELLATION FILED & RECORDED” stamp

· Hawkins attack mail piece saying “Graves’ business is currently being sued.”

· Letters dated July 14, 2008 from plaintiff’s attorney dismissing lawsuit

My joke of the day:

What do a Cardiologist, a Dentist, and a Neurosurgeon all have in common?
push the more button


They all decided to run for congress after they figured out Obama care would get into there wallets.
They all also say they are small businessmen. I am sorry I don’t agree that these are all small businesses. It is just like we have said for a long time. People do not get active in organizations or more specifically government until it effects them personally. I do realize that Hawkins has been a State Senator for some time now. I guess if you ask 8 or nine other legislators to stay at a resort that cost over $400 a night disguised that they were speakers.

If your going to have a getaway on lobbyist money why not bring your friends for the party?

Check out the resort I bet it was fun……. http://www.gadental.org/cde.cfm?event=239727

Of course this is not the Hawkins first evidence of deception


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  1. Sean says:

    Like I said Hawkins is dirty

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