Lee Hawkins goes dirty


IMG_3435I guess in a last ditch effort former Senator Lee Hawkins goes dirty. He also released the following Youtube video

I am guessing this in response to a non solicited ad by the Club for Growth or maybe it was their endorsement. Here is the ad:

Hawkins immediately started his attack which was documented here by the peach pundit. The best part of this campaign is what I call as our local radio stations call TINO’s https://twitter.com/leeforcongress/status/10784740082

I am sorry your name doesn’t appear on this this list:


Maybe one day it will.

Here is the Graves response:

Graves for Congress


Hawkins Continues Campaign of Negative, False, Personal Attacks

(RANGER, GA) – Justin Tomczak, campaign advisor for the Graves campaign, released the following statement after Lee Hawkins continued his campaign of negative, false, personal attacks:


“Tom Graves remains focused on discussing the issues of importance to North Georgia such as job creation, empowering the taxpayers – not government, and eliminating wasteful spending. During this critical time in our nations’ history, when public engagement in the political process is needed more than ever, Lee Hawkins’ negative campaign tactics are exactly what have turned off so many citizens to the political process.”


“Today, Lee Hawkins questioned Tom’s integrity as a small business owner. As any businessperson knows, you are at risk from those who seek to sue you frivolously.  Tom’s businesses are no different.  Unfortunately, his opponent doesn’t tell you the whole story, and in the mail piece Lee fails to tell you that they were dismissed or cancelled by the plaintiffs.  No judgments were found against Tom or his businesses, contrary to what was stated in Hawkins attack piece.”


“In addition, Tom was never forced to dissolve a business by the state.  Tom has sold or closed these businesses and dissolved their charters as required by Georgia law.”


“In what has become the trend of this last ditch effort, Lee Hawkins fails to provide these facts. This mudslinging, gutter politics stands in sharp contrast to the issues focused, positive message from Tom Graves.”


“This is another day and another false attack from a desperate opponent trying to save his political career.  Stay tuned.  Four days remain.”


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Until then enjoy this.

Calhoun Times endorses:
“Tom Graves for Congress”

May 5, 2010

Calhoun, GA — As early voters have already discovered, about half of Gordon County must work its way through a confusing ballot in the special election to fill the 9th Congressional District seat that Rep. Nathan Deal, R-Gainesville, gave up to run for governor.

Seven North Georgians qualified to run for the seat, which represents a wide swath of the state, stretching across the top of the state from Alabama to South Carolina and includes the eastern half of Gordon County. Those candidates are Chris Cates of Blairsville, Tom Graves of Ranger, Lee Hawkins of Gainesville, Bert Loftman of Jasper, Eugene Moon of Gainesville, Bill Stephens of Cumming and Steve Tarvin of Chickamauga. All are Republicans except Moon, an independent, and the six Republicans will all meet again in the July 20 primary, along with Steve Brannon of Fairmount and Bobby Reese of Flowery Branch. Mike Freeman a Democrat from Gainesville, announced last month that he was withdrawing from the race, but his name will still be on the ballot. He did not qualify for the Democratic primary.

All of the announced candidates bring unique talents to the race, but as far as Gordon County’s interests are concerned, there is only one sensible choice — Tom Graves.

Graves, a Gordon County business owner, formerly represented state House District 12, which includes the eastern part of Gordon County and all of Pickens County. He has represented Gordon County since 2002 and has strong conservative credentials. He resigned his seat to run for the 9th District seat. In the past few months he has built a strong grassroots organization across the district.

In the past eight years, Graves has established himself as one of the leading conservative voices in Georgia. He founded and chaired the 216 Group, a conservative policy group of like-minded Georgia lawmakers who met to evaluate pending legislation based on conservative principles.  

The Ranger resident knows Gordon County, its citizens and their concerns well. And Gordon Countians know Graves, including his principled stand against former Georgia House Speaker Glenn Richardson, a stand that cost Graves several committee chairmanships and his post as one of Richardson’s “Hawks.”

He is a former member of the Gordon County Board of Elections, an active member of the Gordon County Chamber of Commerce, and he and his family attend Calhoun’s Belmont Baptist Church.
Graves has a strong grasp of the economic issues that are critical to Gordon County’s continued growth. His knowledge of this region and its communities of interest would be invaluable when the Georgia’s Congressional districts and state House and Senate districts are redrawn based on the results of the 2010 census.

With the number of candidates on the May 11 ballot, there is a good chance that a runoff will be required before the seat if filled. And of course, all of these candidates (and several others) have said they plan to run in the July primaries for the November general election.

However, it is our view that Tom Graves is the best choice for Gordon County in this crowded special election field.

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3 Responses to Lee Hawkins goes dirty

  1. Sean says:

    Hawkins is a slimeball and I hope people see that before he gets to Washington. God help us all he has no backbone and would not even stand up to a little girl.

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  3. BOB says:

    Hawkins is so dirty. If you thought Deal was dirty just wait and see how bad it will be if King Lee wins

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