This is disturbing

Forgive me I am still learning this blogthing

SWAT drug raid video

Over at Reason, Radley Balko brings us video of a drug raid into a home where police entered and within seconds shot and killed the family’s dog, presumably in front of the child they were there to protect from endangerment.

The video is disturbing:

It’s just part of a growing and troubling trend.

From Jason Pye

My comments:

This reminds me of an 3 AM raid across the street when I lived in Tampa about 8 years ago. It ticked me off first because finally a decent couple rented a house across the street. What made me made mad was after they raided the house and they were still under a andrenaline rush, they were bragging about how scared the little girl was. Now my feeling is if you have enough intel to do a raid when they are home then you have enough to plan it after the kids aren’t in the house. BTW they didn’t find anything I don’t think they paid to fix the door or they were taking to long and now that little girl is traumatized forever. I am just glad after seeing this that my lab wasn’t out peeing when it happened or I bet he would have suffered the same fate as the video.

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