Time to start posting again

Well it’s been a while so now it is time to start filling you all with what is in my head. I’ve been meeting some really great talent as I travel across the Southeast. I hope they continue on their dreams and keep true to the music.Crohn’s has been treating me ok.I am off all meds and have not had any problems beside the occasional flair up or feeling bad. I think I am in pretty good shape now even though I am trying to quit smoking. I have met some great friends. Well that’s enough of the boring stuff. See you soon.

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Annie Ruby’s Cafe




While working up in Burksville, KY we found a unique place to eat. It quickly became our favoite place to eat lunch in town. This story tells the story about the Cafe. The segment starts and 10:05 and I am in there at the very end when Heather is bringing our table some ice cream. I will miss Chef David and Heather Click Here to watch the KY Life Segment on Annie Ruby’s Cafe. If you are ever up that way I recommend going there. The food is great and the antiques on display take you back to the old days. They even used to bottle Coca Cola in the basement in the early days.

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Zoning just a vote away in Dade County GA

Here is a copy of the ordinance that was voted on last Thursday. According to the ordinance if you add on a room or build a shed you will now need to get a permit. Read it and tell me what you think. And guess what the land use officer gets to determine if your project is consistent with the counties land use plan. Those are just some of the little details that the local media failed to list. But don’t worry I am sure they will tell you this won’t affect you until you decide to build something they don’t want.
Proposed Ordinance 04-07-11 – Land Use Management

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Playin a Gig

Well it is official. After not playing the drums for a long long time, I am back. We are very rough. I like the name moochin mamas, but Robert and Colby like public intox. So here is a little preview of us just messin around.

A little preview

For all the groupies we are playing at the

you can get tickets




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McKenzie- Hunter Jumper.

Today we are in Florida at the Florida State Fairgrounds watching my niece jump.

Map picture

It was a lot of fun.

Here she is on her famous steed


Just Joking.

Here is a little video of it.

Music by David Nail
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Tyler has finally graduated now off to camp lookout, then college

We can’t believe it either. Tyler was fortunate to get a scholarship to Berea College. He also received a scholarship from the Dade County Chamber of Commerce. Thank you Doris Polari. Tyler also received an award for AP English. Tyler will be working at Camp Lookout this summer.

Congratulations to Tyler, Nicole, Christine, Billie the Man, and anyone else I have forgotten.

Angela, Odessa, & I am proud.

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The Purpose of this blog

Some have asked David you have a discussion board why a blog?

Well, I guess I can say simply this is a space to express myself personally. On this blog I will try and keep topics mostly about enology, viticulture and a little life and politics along the way. As many of you know I have gone back to school for enology and viticulture. A little unsure of whether I want to start a winery or just grow grapes I will share some of the knowledge I acquire along the way. I will try to keep my post down to once a week so we can have some fresh interesting content. Every once in a while I may go off on something that impresses me or drives me nuts. We will try and keep it fun.


What is it? Summed up it is the science of making wine. i will use this subject matter for everything associated with making the wine from crushing to tasting. We will cover topics from mousiness, TA, corking, enclosures, barrel programs, down to pressure washers. I will try to keep the topics more focused on a consumer level. We will just see where that goes.


Here we will dwell in the science of growing grapes. I will try and emphasis my experience as I begin my vineyard in Northwest Georgia. We will talk about diseases, degree days, pest, trellis systems, pruning, canopy management, some farm talk ranging from equipment to other interesting facts. I will explain the differences between biodynamic and organic vineyards. We might even talk about animal pest and farm dogs and cats. So ride with us as we create foreveryoung vineyards.

Other fun stuff

Well my close friends know that besides making wine i love to cook especially grilling. I will touch on some of my favorite recipes or other places off the beaten path that impress me. We might talk about the Chattanooga Market, A neat meat market in Middle TN, A little politics. I promise to try and keep the politics down. We can always talk about that stuff over at dadeinfo.com So Thank You for enjoying this journey with me. Your comments and questions are welcome.

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